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Current Residence: Canberra, Australia
Favourite genre of music: Rock, classic
Favourite style of art: Anime.
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Shikamaru - from Naruto
Personal Quote: BAM!! And the dirt is gone!
Tagged by :iconmisbelief:

This or That

Naruto or Kabuto?: Naruto ^o^
Lee or Gai?: Gai, he's funnai!
Shikamaru or Kiba?: Shikamaru, how troublesome.
Gaara or Jiraiya?: Your joking right? Gaara, of course.
Lee or Gaara?: Gaara! Ew bushy eyebrows -@
Temari or Tenten?: Tenten.
Kankuro or Kabuto?: Cat man, Kankuro!
Tsunade or the third? (best hokage): Tsunade, heh.
Sasuke or Itachi?: Sasuke, i don't really like Itachi.
Sakura or Ino?: Ino, Sakura is a big baby.
Naruto or Sasuke?: Sasuke (:
Neji or Hinata?: Mmm... Hinata.
Hinata or Ino?: Ino (:
Haku or Gaara?: Gaara! haku looks like a girl :x

Random Questions.

So you get to meet Naruto, and get to say /one sentance/. What would it be?: Yo, know any good ramen shops?
You can take the position of one character for three days. Who?: Err.. Shikamaru, Yay for clouds!
Why?: Because then i can be a lazy ass =P
If you could date one character, who would it be?: Uh... Ino maybe.
You enter the Naruto world. First, which country do you live in?: Sand with my best buddeh Gaara!
And while you're there, pick two teammates.: Gaara and Shikamaru maybe..
Were those choices because they were strong, or your favourites? Reasoning?: Their cool... yup yup.
You get to dye Sasuke's hair any colour. Colour?: white, haha, old man.
Give Gaara a rating from 1 to 10.: 10 man.
What about Shino?: 5... he's strange.
Dosu or Zaku?: Zaku, he pwns.
Did you actually like that Kin girl?: Lawlz, that kin girl.
Do you find Hinata adorable?: uh, nooo.
What about Haku?: I'm a guy for god's sake!
If you could have one characters signature power, what would you pick?: Naruto's shadow clone. Hehe, look at all the Tom's!
What about if I limited that to Sharingan or Byakugan?: Sharingan man!
Chidori or Rasengan, perhaps?: Rasengan!! I love that word 8D
And what if you could have ALL of one character's moves?: Zabuza's!
Rate opening theme 1 on a scale of 1-10: which one -@
Opening theme 2.: uhhhh
Rate Itachi on a scale of 1-10.: 3 i guess.
Do you like Kisame?: OH NOES! A SHARK!
Do you read fanfics?: yeaah.
Do you write fanfics?: sometimes.
Draw fanart?: Yup, just don't have much posted here..
If you could, would you choose to be a ninja?: What else? a space pirate?
If no, why?: I said yes...
If yes, even if you'd get hurt? Chance death?: Pfft, no one could lay a scratch on me.
As a ninja, would you learn to summon a frog or a dog?: a dog i guess.
What song on your itunes/ipod/cds suits Sasuke the most?: Umm. we are broken - Paramore.
Naruto the most?: mr. brightside -the killers.
Gaara the most?: numb - linkin park.
Which character would you marry?: Uh... Ino i suppose.
Which character would you be close friends with?: Shikamaru, Gaara, Kiba...
Which character would you kill?: YOU!
Doesn't Chouji rock?: Hell yes he does!
If you said no, why? If it has to do with 'he's s0 fat omg', you're shallow: I didn't. Are you even listening to me?
If you said yes, you rule! What do you have to say about that?: I like eating moldy socks!
How many 'favourites' do you have?: more then you can count...
How many characters are on your 'hate/hit list'?: not many...

Now you do this!! It's fun :D
  • Listening to: you attempting to read this dribble
  • Reading: your blank face
  • Watching: you eating cake
  • Playing: with... CAKE
  • Eating: cake..............
  • Drinking: CAKE :D


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yingyang700 Featured By Owner May 27, 2008
i love ur icons and avatars :)
Skulks Featured By Owner May 29, 2008
Thats good to hear!! :)
Misbelief Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2008
must I?

*sigh* alright. I'll find some time to draw one or two.
Misbelief Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2008
Ugh, haven't been called that in a while.

-thinks of a mean name to call you- TOMSY :o
Misbelief Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2008
TOOOM!! Hai!!

So you finally got a DA account. nice timing, hurry up and put some things in your gallery.
Don't let that good talent go to waste!
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